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International SMS

covering 220+ countries and regions


Domestic SMS

arrives within 3s, and arrive rate up to 99%


International Voice

high-quality voice channel resource



high efficiency network optimization solutions


Professionally drive customer growth

Customer Acquistion
Customer Activation
Customer Retension

Increase registration conversion rate

·Registration and login

The dynamic verification code can be received within 3s, achieve a high-precision arrival rate of 99% through intelligent routing, which can effectively reduce registration loss and increase the registration conversion rate by 20%

·Identity authentication

Verify real identities and ensure information security; Bind a real mobile phone, retrieve the password, verify and change important information, and confirm payment

·Secure assurance

Effectively block anomalous requests ,which can prevent cyber attacks; Confirm sensitive operation,which can protect account security

Activate users to achieve marketing conversions

·Marketing Promotion

Promote brand effects through new promotions on products, event notifications, member rights and interests issuance, coupon collection, etc., thereby increasing conversion rates and repurchase rates

·Interaction and activation

Send service or reminder notifications at the right time to connect customers in the right way and enhance user stickiness

·Transaction tracking

Send messages notifications to customers at the key nodes of the order to improve the order conversion rate, while allowing customers to have a perfect delivery experience

lncrease customer value and extend customer lifecycle

·Improve user stickiness

By sending holiday marketing and birthday care SMS as well as notification SMS of transaction key node to improve user experience and stickiness

·lncrease customer value

The marketing plan accurately hits the customer group, and the secondary marketing realizes the promotion of value-added services and exclusive coupon collection to enhance customer value

·Customer recall

Select target customer groups, convey promotion information to them, quickly attract old members to revisit and shop, and extend customer lifecycles

Engaged in the communications business for 16 years

High Stability

·Self-developed carrier-grade monitoring system
·Large capability and high concurrency of dedicated computer room
·Distributed architecture

Fast Arrival

·Arrives within 3s, customer can be maintained in real time
·Intelligent shunting/router realizes 99% arrival rate
·Triple-play dedicated direct channel

Global Focus

·Covering 220+ countries and regions
·Multi-language switching
·Connecting to local carriers worldwide

Professional Services

·7×24 professional services
·1v1 technical support
·Extremely fast response within 5s

Data Tracking

·Tracking SMS status in real time
·Data automatic collecting
·Visual reports at a glance

Free Test

·All channels support the free test
·Easy to operate
·Concise and clear API

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