International Voice

Provides safe and stable voice + SMS service to improve the rate of customer conversion and industry competitiveness

Application Scenarios

Scalable Calls

Easily scale your Concurrent Channels and Call Setups per Second

Security OTP

Safeguard platform users’ privacy and use Voice for one-time-passwords

Voice Campaigns

Use Voice in your marketing campaigns to send personal messages

Number Porting

Port your existing phone numbers easily to the Shanyun platform

Fraud Control

Get insights into detailed information about each call for anti-fraud purposes

Our International Voice Solutions

SIP Relay

International API

DDI Numbers

Set Up Your SIP Trunk in Minutes

Benefit from premium call quality through our global geo-redundant platform. Connect your phone system with our SIP Trunk and make quality calls at the lowest cost.

Create and configure multiple SIP trunks

Get detailed insight into your call history

Request and configure new numbers

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API Access for Voice Functionalities

Do want to implement additional voice functionalities on top, or instead of our SIP Trunking service?
You now have access to our comprehensive set of APIs, enabling you to build voice applications with our prefab building blocks.

Text to speech or audio notifications

One Time Passwords (OTPs)

Call Forwarding and DTMF input

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Inbound Numbers for Customer Contact

Making sure you can call your customers is one thing. Enabling customers to call you might be even more important.
We deliver global direct dial-in (DDI), Toll-Free and Premium numbers.

Direct Dial-in (DDI) Inbound Numbers

Toll-Free Inbound Numbers

Worldwide Coverage

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Our Advantages

Wide Coverage

Covers 200+ countries and regions, support multiple languages playback.

Reliable Channel

High-quality and clear voice channel resource. Delivered Rate 99.99%.

Detailed Delivery Records

Support web platform and API to get user’s daily record.

Secure and Reliable

Cluster server guarantee. Safe transmission of information.

Service Provider For The Global Customers


Trusted by Customer


SMS Sending Account Monthly


Countries and Regions Coverage


Stable Uptime

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