With link operation service as the essence, it helps customers achieve cross-border networking and link optimization, and provides safe, reliable and stable high-quality network connection services.

Problems We Solved

Uncontrollable quality

No guarantee of Internet connection

Difficult to build

Difficult to expand and provision the network


High internet public network security risk factor


The contradiction between the demand of bandwidths growth and the cost

Difficult to manage


Poor reliability

Lengthy internet downtime

SD-WAN Committed To Providing Perfect Solutions

SD-WAN Committed To Providing Perfect Solutions

Global Focus

Covering 600+ POPs worldwide, the interconnection of widely distributed POP points worldwide through a private network, which can consistently provide customers with the network performance they need for critical applications.

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Visual Monitoring O&M Design

Real-time monitoring and early warning of the quality of all equipment and lines;
Safeguard SLAs by monitoring the path of all lines in the enterprise private network;
Accurately monitoring the geographic location of all devices, including mobile and cloud devices;
Monitoring the packet loss, latency, and jitter parameters of the enterprise private network, including MPLS private lines, 5G lines, and SD-WAN lines;

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SLA Intelligent Routing

Through the intelligent path selection technology global control platform, the satisfaction of SLA indicators (delay, jitter, packet loss rate) is comprehensively considered, and different strategies are used to establish a data forwarding path that meets the requirements for the user to ensure the transmission quality of the user’s SLA in real time without user perception.

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Ultra-reliable Transmission

Transmitting technology on two paths at the same time, which enables “zero” packet loss switching in case of network failure.

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The Optimization Design of WAN Transmission

As the latest generation of Learning-based TCP acceleration technology, Jubei’s WAN transmission optimization technology creatively introduces a dynamic algorithm mechanism of TCP connection path network feature self-learning to improve the accuracy and timeliness of congestion judgment.

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High Security Data Protection

All operations transmitted from end-to-end data encryption are fully logged;
Unique firewall features, operator-level POP security, and privatization deployment of Orchestrator security.

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